pureImage is an open-source cross-language plugin framework, focused on the reuse of freely available image processing libraries.

Using pureImage, one can combine and re-use image processing functions, whether originating from different libraries or home-grown code, from different programming languages via a uniform interface. Right now, pureImage can be used under Windows and Linux, from C, C++, and Java. It provides bindings for OpenCV, CImg, Tesseract, and other libraries.

This project covers pureImage core, plug-ins, and examples.

To learn more about pureImage, go to the Doxygen-generated documentation, to the documentation at the wiki pages, or have a look at the pureImage presentation at Prezi.

To start working with pureImage, download the distribution in the files section, or clone the repository via git clone https://pureimage.flll.jku.at/pureImage.git.

To report a defect, or file a feature or support request, please login or register.

pureImage is copyright by Institut für Wissensbasierte Mathematische Systeme at Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, and is released under the terms of GPL v3.

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